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From the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed, you don't stop. You're busy rushing around juggling kids, meals, work and household chores. Your to-do list never gets shorter (in fact, it just gets longer) that you don't even have the time to eat. Even the dog eats before you do. As a result, you can't find the time for YOU and just feel you're too exhausted to even think about working out.

Have you tried every diet going? I bet you've tried your hardest to just eat right but found that even with all the willpower in the world you kept falling off the wagon. Now you've almost given up because you're frustrated and confused with the continuous changes in what you can and can't eat and what the best exercise plan is with your limited time. You're fed up with fighting with the weighing scales and not being able to wear you're favourite clothes.

I get it, working out isn't everyone's favourite thing to do, plus it can feel hugely intimidating. That fear of being judged, not being fit enough and getting left behind can make you feel nervous and apprehensive. You ask yourself, 'what if this is just another diet programme?" and "what will happen if it really does work?".

So at TBFCamp we specialise in getting women the body they want in a Group Personal Training environment, so you train with women who have, and had, the exact same fears, struggles and frustrations as you.

This is not a program where you will eat less and exercise more

What does a 34 year old male personal trainer know about mums and their struggles?

Good question,

Let me explain.

I simply saw my very own mother go through the exact same things as you're feeling right now.......

Busy, rushing around after everyone else, juggling meals and household chores, rundown, irritable and exhausted, putting everyone else first to the detriment of your own health, happiness and wellbeing.

And so I made it my goal, my responsibility to help as many mums as possible get out of this rut, take care of their health and be the best person they can be turning up each and every day for their family and themselves.

Because you know what?......

They really need you.

personal trainer hertford

I promise you this WILL be the last diet you'll ever have to follow - it's realistic, flexible and allows the family to enjoy it as well, so you're not having to prepare several meals. Plus, you can indulge in the odd bit of chocolate too.

The exercise plan is simple, short and highly effective so it won't be digging into your valuable time and leaving you wondering whether it's worked or not. You'll have more energy, be able to keep up with your overly excited and energised kids whilst giving you a since of achievement and boost of self-confidence.

You'll learn how to lose weight, flatten your stomach and lose your back fat so that you don't go through that distressing daily dilemma of trying everything on and not knowing what to wear.........and keep it that way. The days of the constant battle with the bathroom scales or disliking what you see in the mirror are over.

I’m not a natural athlete, nor am I a fitness freak. The great thing about TBFCamp is that it can accommodate everyone. You find your own level, set your own challenges and achieve your own goals. Jon is friendly and inspiring with just the right amount of 'push'. I can't recommend it highly enough

self employed mum of three, Bootcamp member for two years

Joining TBFCamp was one of the best decisions I've ever made. It wasn't easy to change a lifetime of bad habits but I'd finally managed to succeed in something I'd been battling on and off with for years. Two years later I'm happier and healthier and still here, making the most of his endless knowledge.

working mum of two, lost 2 stone and 11cms from her waist

This is such an achievement and yes it takes hard work and determination. However, it has been the most enjoyable hard work ever and with Jon's endless enthusiasm and dedication, my whole outlook on life has changed. I have even discovered a strange fondness for running half marathons.

working mum of one loses 3.5 stone and nearly 4 dress sizes

I joined TBFCamp to help lose my baby weight after my second child and also because I was going to be a bridesmaid 6 months after having her. It totally worked for me, In 1 month I lost the weight I had gained, dropped a dress size and was starting to lose the weight I had gained with my first child.

mum of two, lost 9lbs and 12cms in one month

TBFCamp has transformed me inside and out. I’ve gained a passion for outdoor exercise that totally energises me that fits in with my hectic week. . I love the team spirit and encouragement that working out with a group of like-minded supportive people offers.

busy working mum of three loses nearly 2 stone

Suzy Bishop

Sarah Smits

Mary Sykes

Here's what you get with Total Body Transformation Program

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  • 3 x Group personal training sessions per week that are JUST 45 minutes long which will immediately ramp up your metabolism and GUARANTEED success...........losing up to a stone or at least 2 clothing sizes.
  • After introducing you to the team, we'll gradually introduce you to the exercises letting you take it in your own stride whilst tailoring workouts to challenge you at your current fitness ability so that you feel comfortable in your new environment whilst boosting your confidence and self-esteem.
  • You'll receive the fool-proof eating guide that has super easy to follow meal plans and family favourite recipes to help you remove the overwhelm and instantly get rid of your bloated stomach, reduce the back fat and boost your energy levels.
  • This isn’t a weekly weigh in, but we'll get you to track your progress so that we can ensure you’re heading in the right direction and not simply stepping on the scales every morning or looking in the mirror, creating opinions and second guessing........number #1 reason why most women fail time and time again.
  • Access to our Private Membership site so that you can stay in contact with your coach who'll be on hand to motivate, guide and support the entire time so that you achieve what you came for.
  • Our "At Home Total Body Calm Programme" to help you get some headspace, stay calm, relaxed, reduce the overwhelm and headaches and irritability.
  • We'll throw in a few extra surprise gifts as well to make you feel right at home


We're not only confident in what we do, you come to us to get a result, so if you don't lose up to a stone or 2 clothing sizes, we'll refund you the investment you made with us, and train you until you do.

So, what have you got to lose?

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